Secretary & Treasurer
Christine B. Fuller
85 Hogan Point Road
Hilton NY 14468
Telephone: 585-392-8386

Ronald Carlton
Lance Fuller
Terrance Lemcke
Douglas Speer
Lawrence Speer

Historical Advisor
Thomas Burger


  1. Planting of shrubs, bushes, rose bushes, or trees on graves is not allowed.
  2. NO EDGING OR BORDERS OF ANY MATERIAL, unless installed with top surfaces at or below ground level, are allowed; and no plastic or artificial flowers, plastic ornaments, stones, chips, or shepherd’s hooks are allowed. These are safety hazards as they can be hurled through the air by lawn mowers and strike visitors or workers, therefore THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM.
  3. THE CEMETERY ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY for any decorative items that are damaged, lost, misplaced, or stolen.
  4. Planting is permitted at the HEAD of the grave next to the stone or monument or marker ONLY. The area must not exceed the length of the stone and only extend out from the front of the stone 12 inches. Where overgrown plantings exist, THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM.
  5. Withered flowers must be removed. THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM.
  6. WARNING!! GLASS CANNOT BE USED above or below the ground for flowers. This is a serious safety hazard to all concerned. THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE IT.
  7. All urns, crocks, and annuals are to be removed by October 30th or before if you’re placing holiday wreaths or blankets before the above-mentioned date. THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE urns, crocks, and annuals by October 30th.
  8. Holiday wreaths and blankets must be staked securely and are to be removed by April 1st. If they are found blowing around the Cemetery or not removed by April 1st, THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM.
  9. American or fraternal flags may be placed on graves for Memorial Day. If the flags become faded or tattered, THE CEMETERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM after July 4th.
  10. PLEASE place your trash in the trash toters/cans provided or take it with you. PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD HEAVY OR OBJECTIONABLE ITEMS such as sod or dead animals in the toters/cans. Please discard this type of item over the bank at the rear of the cemetery.
  11. CAUTION! Do not use wire to secure wreaths or decorations to the stones or monuments as they leave a permanent rust stain.
  12. All reasonable effort will be made to provide access in the winter. In severe winter conditions, the driveways will not be plowed and entry to the Cemetery is prohibited.
  13. When visiting the Cemetery, DO NOT BLOCK any of the driveways and please be courteous to everyone visiting the Cemetery. Grass parking is allowed but please don’t rut or get stuck in the grass.


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